Thursday, September 14, 2006

About Floyd Landis

1. If the UCI doesn't trust the French lab, why did they use that lab?
2. If the UCI trust the French lab why did it break its own rules by releasing the result of the A sample before the B sample was tested.
3. Why did WADA set the T:E limit to 4:1 while 2% if normal clean men are above that?
4. Who decided that 3/1000000 parts synthetic testosterone is natural, and why?
5. Who decided what level of carbon 13 is natural? What is the error factor here?


At 5:50 PM , Blogger Thomas A. Fine said...

1. Because it is the only nearby accredited lab.
2. It doesn't trust them. See 1.
3. A failed T:E by itself does not automatically constitute doping anymore - it just causes them to peform an isotope test.
4. That's 3 parts per 1000. percent, per mil, centimeters, millimeters. Get it?
5. Best question. See my web page on that

At 10:04 AM , Blogger Johan Jordaan said...

1. What you are saying is that a multi million euro industry decided to use a lab that they don’t trust, and in doing so risk their credibility because they didn’t want to spend a few hundred euros on FedEx? I find that hard to believe.

2. I think they only made up the trust story because this is the same old mistake the UCI keeps making. The UCI can’t follow their own rules and they are feeling stupid about it but not stupid enough to change.

3. So much more reason not to publicly humiliate Floyd Landis on simple unwarranted suspicions.

4. OK smarty parts. The documents actually states “three parts per million” typed out.
Usually when people refer to 3 parts per 1000 they use the symbol provided for it. (‰) Get it?

5. The simple thing I’m trying to point out by questioning the rule is that so called synthetic testosterone is tolerated to a degree. That implies one of two things.
a) The test to show that the testosterone is synthetic isn’t even trusted by the scientists and therefore they are trying to accommodate for a possible error factor by tolerating the so called synthetic testosterone to a degree.
b) The scientist expects some synthetics testosterone because they are aware of a possible source of synthetic testosterone which is in common use by normal non doping individuals. If this is the case, then I question the test all the more because if lets say the possible source that they are aware of is the plastic pipes that brings the water to our homes (like with pseudoestrogen). Then consuming 2 glasses of water per day would result in sugnificantly less synthetic testosterone in my body than 8 glasses. Where do you draw the line? 12 glasses? 20 glasses? Before you make another snotty smarty pants remark I’m using the pseudoestrogen in the plastic pipes purely as an example and I don’t believe that we consume synthetic testosterone through our tap water.


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